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Friday, January 6, 2012

I have been a radio enthusiast for many many years, and a part of that has always been an interest in scanning. Local Public services such as police, fire and EMS broadcast on various frequencies in your community, and it is available to anyone with an interest and the proper equipment. Though often it can be mundane and boring, it can just as often be breaking news or information that can be useful to you, your family or friends. I encourage you to try scanning as a hobby, and you my find that it can be useful and interesting past time.

The content on these pages will be drawn from various internet sources, my personal experiences, along with experiences from friends and acquaintances. An you the reader, are encouraged to share your knowledge with the other enthusiasts out there. If you have content or material that you would like to provide or have linked here, please contact with the Feedback and Suggestion Link at the bottom of the page.

Not only will you find public services on the airwaves, but other communications as well. Amateur radio, Railroad, Military, Taxi's, fast food, cordless phones are just a few other things that the active listener can monitor and enjoy. So if you are not already a listener, you may just want to try it out.

Note: The site is now residing on Google's Blogger. I hope this will allow me to update and make changes easier that when hosted at Godaddy.  I am also hopefull that I can add addtitional feeds in the near future.

The 800 Mhz. stream for Sullivan County Tennessee, is being supplied from a Radio Shack Pro 197 scanner. The encoded stream is produced with Windows media encoder on a Dell GX280 computer running Windows XP.

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