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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Around Town

City of Bristol,Tenn., is now in for a rough ride
No, I do not want drugs dealt anywhere in the Tri-cities. The police should have stopped people from being dragged into the store to force them to buy bath salts. Yes, if I was on the jury, the city of Bristol, Tenn., would be paying a heavy fine for ...

Physicians say US needs single-payer national health insurance program
Adams and Sutherland made their comments during an interview at the Bristol office of EastTennessee State University Family Physicians – part of their two-day tour across the Tri-Cities to promote PNHP's call for the US to adopt a publicly financed, ...

Elton John to perform at Freedom Hall
Johnson City is recommending people go to to order tickets. Elton John last performed at Freedom Hall 12 years ago. Stay tuned to as we will be giving away tickets for the event as it gets closer.

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