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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Overheard on Police Scanner

Downtown street blocked due to suspicious substance
... police radio reports. 8:30 am A hazardous materials unit has responded to a report of a suspicious substance in Oklahoma City Thursday morning. Police officers are diverting traffic from NW 4 and Walker Avenue, according to police scanner reports.

Sioux City police searching for reported shooting victim near South Ravine Park
Sioux City Journal
SIOUX CITY -- Police are searching a wooden lot near South Ravine Park for a reported shooting victim. According to Sioux City scanner traffic, police used GPS tracking to find the coordinates of the call. Nothing was found at the site, and there was ...

REPORT: Police Searching for Suspect in Dunkin' Donuts Robbery
By Mark Ouellette The Dunkin' Donuts near JJ Grimsby's was robbed Thursday evening, according toscanner reports. About 6 pm, Stoneham police were called to Dunkin' Donuts, 196 Main St., for a report of a robbery. The suspect showed a knife before ...

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